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We are always happy to have a chat, answer your questions and to see if we can save you Tax!

Instruct us to act

We will prepare all the documentation that is needed for us the act on your behalf

Sign our Terms of Business

We use electronic signatures for speed and ease. Then send us a picture of your passport or driving licence

Video Meeting

We will book a Video Meeting so that we can confirm your identity for Money Laundering purposes and capture the details and narrative of  your transaction

Follow up tasks

Answer follow up questions by email and provide supporting documents if requested

Set up you HMRC Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property Online Account

This isn't always easy, we will send instructions and are available on the telephone to help

Authorise us to act on your behalf

We will email you an HMRC link which allows you to authorise us as your Agents

We send you your tax calculation for approval

Check that all of the information that we are to submit is correct

We submit your return electronically

A copy of the our HMRC reciept will be emailed to you.

HMRC Confirmation

You will recieve a seperate email confirmation from HMRC

Pay your Tax

Capital Gains Tax must be paid within 60 days of completion of the the sale. We will explain how


The process CGT reporting and payment process is complete. Should HMRC contact you regarding the transaction we are here to help. 

Self Assessment

If you submit a Self Assessment Tax Return you will need to include details of the transaction within your Return using Form SA108.