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Allowable expenses are essentially costs directly associated with the buying, owning, improving, or selling of your property. They are deducted from the gain you’ve made to calculate the ‘net gain’ – and it’s this net gain that is potentially subject to CGT.

It is important to note that expenses that have been claimed under Self Assessment would not be allowable.

If you do not have receipts for expenses contact us for a discussion as to how you may evidence expenditure.

It can sometimes be tricky to establish which expenses are Capital and which are Revenue. Give us a call if you are unsure.

What Can You Deduct?

The rules surrounding allowable expenses can be complex, but here are some common examples you might be able to deduct when selling a residential property:

1. Buying Costs: These include legal fees, solicitors fees, valuations and any other expenditure directly related to the property purchase.

2. Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT): The amount you paid in SDLT when buying the property can be deducted.

3. Improvement Costs: Money spent on enhancing the property – such as the cost of an extension, a new kitchen or a loft conversion – can be deducted. However, routine maintenance and repair costs are not included.

4. Costs related to Title: Expenditure on proving ownership or extending a lease.

5. Costs of establishing the property’s value: If you’ve paid for a valuation of the property to calculate the gain or loss, these costs can also be deducted.

6. Sales Costs: Estate Agents and Solicitors Fees together with any other expenses directly related to the sale of the property

Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list and everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important to seek professional advice when calculating your CGT.


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2. April, 2024
Great experience - I knew who I was talking to and James and Jayne were at all times friendly, competent and supportive. Even the international element didn’t deter them. An excellent service.
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28. March, 2024
It is worth a lot when you can get a professional advice over the phone. Tax Bees answered my question just in minutes, in a extremely friendly manner, and with no attempts to upsell. Highly recommend them as CGT professionals!
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21. March, 2024
I can only endorse all the previously posted positive reviews about this business. Friendly people and yet extremely knowledgeable and professional regarding the subject matter. A pleasure to deal with and I can strongly recommend them for all your taxation matters.
Andy Bacon
5. March, 2024
Having sold a UK residential property I had owned for 18 years I was facing a potentially significant CGT liability. Although the HMRC calculator appeared pretty straightforward I decided to approach an expert and fortunately found James just in time. I found his willingness to provide no obligation up-front advice over the phone very welcome and decided to appoint Tax Bees for peace of mind with the added bonus that his very reasonable fee might be saved when he got into the detail of my case. I certainly pays to spend some time putting together all the facts; as a result it proved very fruitful to invest in James when he significantly reduced my expected liability by many thousands compared to the HMRC online calculator. Lesson learnt - its never as simple as it first appears and not all the rules are entirely transparent!
Adam Jenkins
21. February, 2024
Tax Bees were fantastic at quickly and calmly helping us with a family tax situation. James was a reassuring presence during a stressful time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.
14. February, 2024
I asked Tax bees at short notice to help out with my CGT submission, i found the team to be very efficient and very approachable . The fee was fixed .. so no nasty surprises at the end, and i believe the tax saving and peace of mind knowing that a professional had been involved is very reassuring. Thanks to James and Jayne.
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2. February, 2024
Thanks so much for everything and for completing our return on time. You've been so easy to work with and have done an excellent job. I found Tax Bees online and was nervous about using a service without a personal recommendation. However, I would highly recommend Tax Bees to anyone looking for help with their Capital Gains Tax, particularly James Dean, who has been exceptionally helpful and efficient from the first email enquiry and has achieved a great outcome.
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28. January, 2024
Fantastic service very efficient attention to detail Friendly and very knowledgeable
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24. January, 2024
I popped into Tax Bees on the off chance that I might be able to get some help with my Self Assessment Tax Return. I drive past the building everyday and often wondered whether they would be able to help advise me. James and Jayne were so friendly and welcoming and after a nice chat and a coffee they reassured me that they could help straight away - even during the month of January which is a very busy month for them. I would certainly recommend Tax Bee's if you have any Tax needs or concerns for your business or if like me you just need help and guidance on that dreaded self assessment. James also looked into my last four years of pension tax relief and managed to get me a rebate. Very happy customer. Thanks again James and Jayne!
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22. January, 2024
We recently hired Tax Bees for capital gains tax reporting and we're very happy that we did. James was very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Money well spent :)