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Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax can be complicated and mistakes can cost thousands.

If you’re a Non-Resident with property in the UK, understanding your tax obligations might seem like a challenging task. 

There are several areas where Reliefs, Valuations and Reporting differ from domestic Returns and we can help you to navigate this complex subject.

Most of the time we save our clients far more than the our (very reasonable) fees.

Let Us Simplify Your Tax Journey

Understanding and managing your tax obligations as a non-resident can be daunting. But we’re here to help.

Our friendly team of tax experts can guide you through the complexities of non-resident CGT, ensuring you’re aware of your responsibilities and helping you navigate the reporting process.


Reporting your Gain: The 60-day Rule

Non-residents must report the disposal of UK residential property using the Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT) return. 

And you need to do this quickly. You have a 60-day window from the conveyance date of the property disposal to submit your NRCGT return and pay any tax due.

Remember, this is different from the UK’s tax year. It doesn’t matter when the disposal happens during the year; the 60-day clock starts ticking from the completion date. So, make sure you act promptly to avoid penalties.

What Do You Need to Report?

Even if you haven’t made a gain or you’re entitled to Private Residence Relief, you still need to report the disposal of the property. 

HMRC needs to know about the disposal, the amount you received, and any reliefs, allowances, or losses claimed.

Reporting is achieved using HMRC’s online Capital Gains Tax on UK Property account. This is not always a straightforward process for Non-Residents. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Dual Taxation Rules

You may find you have a liability to pay tax in the UK and in your country of residence. Often this is covered by Dual Taxation Treaties and agreements. 

You may offset UK tax paid against your local taxes although generally no recovery is allowable if local taxes are lower than the UK.

Please contact us for further information.


The amount of tax you’ll pay depends on your overall UK taxable income. 

As a Non-Resident you still benefit from the Annual Exempt Amount, which for 2022/23 is £6,000 per person.

As of the 2022/2023 tax year, the NRCGT rates for individuals are

18% for that part of the gain that falls into the available lower rate tax band 


28% for that part of the gain that falls into higher and additional rate tax bands.

The Spring Budget of 2024 reduced the higher rate to 24% with effect from 6th April 2024. Please bear in mind that the taxation point for Capital Gains Tax is determined by exchange, not completion.

Further information is available here:

We offer a free calculation service, please give us a call.

Private Residence Relief

Private Residence Relief is one of the most significant tax reliefs offered by HMRC.

Non-Residents who have lived in the property they are disposing of may qualify for the relief but the rules are complex, and dependent on a number of factors.

It as an area of interest for HMRC and it would be wise to fully understand your position before submitting a Return,

Do please call us or email if you would like advice. 

Rebasing or Time Apportionment?

Residential Capital Gains Tax for Non-Residents was introduced by Chancellor, George Osborne in the Autumn budget of 2015.

As the change was not retrospective Non-Residents use the value of their residential property on 5th April 2015 to calculate their gains. 

There are three methods that may be used to reach the valuation and we are happy to advise on the most advantageous in your circumstances.

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How To Submit A Non-Resident Capital
Gains Tax Return?

We have outlined the 12 simple steps so you can see everything that needs to be done to get your CGT sorted.

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We will prepare all the documentation that is needed for us the act on your behalf

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We will book a Video Meeting so that we can confirm your identity for Money Laundering purposes and capture the details and narrative of  your transaction

Follow up tasks

Answer follow up questions by email and provide supporting documents if requested

Set up you HMRC Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property Online Account

This isn't always easy, we will send instructions and are available on the telephone to help

Authorise us to act on your behalf

We will email you an HMRC link which allows you to authorise us as your Agents

We send you your tax calculation for approval

Check that all of the information that we are to submit is correct

We submit your return electronically

A copy of the our HMRC reciept will be emailed to you.

HMRC Confirmation

You will recieve a seperate email confirmation from HMRC

Pay your Tax

Capital Gains Tax must be paid within 60 days of completion of the the sale. We will explain how


The process is complete. Should HMRC contact you regarding the transaction we are here to help. 

Have Further Questions? We have you covered

Answer: Yes, we are aware of how difficult this can be and will walk you through the process to ensure that you get it right.


Provided we have all the information that we need we can generally submit a return within a week or so. Please note that returns must be submitted withing sixty days of your completion date. If a deadline is urgent, we can sometimes submit a return on a next day basis.


Absolutely, we work with people all over the world who sell properties in the UK and have HMRC reporting obligations.


We offer a comprehensive advice service within our fee and will always make sure we that you maximise reliefs and allowances in order to pay the minimum amount of tax compliant with legislation.


Contact us for a chat. There may be interest and penalties to pay but you should still submit your return.

Answer: Use our free CGT calculation service, with real human beings, and get your answer in less than sixty minutes!

Answer: Our fixed price package includes insurance against the costs of an HMRC Investigation.

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