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Our Capital Gains Tax (CGT) filing service is designed to assist private individuals in navigating the complexities of HMRC regulations and reporting requirements.
£ 395
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Specialists in Residential Capital Gains Tax for Residents and Non-Residents

We are Tax Agents that can calculate and file your returns for you

Our Insurance Policy offers you peace of mind in the event HMRC want to examine your return

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Answer: We charge a fixed fee of £395 including VAT. Our price includes all work required for us to submit the return on your behalf. We also include insurance against the costs of an HMRC investigation.

Answer: Yes, absolutely and many people do. You do not need a Tax Agent to submit a return, but we can certainly make the process easier and provide peace of mind. We may also save you thousands of pounds…..

Answer: Yes, we are aware of how difficult this can be and will walk you through the process to ensure that you get it right.


Provided we have all the information that we need we can generally submit a return within a week or so. Please note that returns must be submitted withing sixty days of your completion date. If a deadline is urgent, we can sometimes submit a return on a next day basis.


Absolutely, we work with people all over the world who sell properties in the UK and have HMRC reporting obligations.


We offer a comprehensive advice service within our fee and will always make sure we that you maximise reliefs and allowances in order to pay the minimum amount of tax compliant with legislation.


Contact us for a detailed discussion of your circumstances. It is not uncommon for this to occur but every case is different and we would be happy to discuss your options. compliant with legislation.


Contact us for a chat. There may be interest and penalties to pay but you should still submit your return.


We complete an initial video meeting to verify your identity and gather the narrative of the transaction. After that we work with you to gather all the information needed to submit your return. We provide a calculation of the tax due and ask for your approval. We help with setting up you HMRC online account and then submit the return to HMRC. Finally we provide an HMRC receipt and instructions on how to pay them.


Yes, we do. Please contact us to discuss details and prices.

Answer: Use our free CGT calculation service, with real human beings, and get your answer in less than sixty minutes!

Answer: You must file a return to HMRC within 60 days of receiving eligible income.

Answer: Our fixed price package includes insurance against the costs of an HMRC Investigation.